We currently offer five different plans; now with 100% MORE disk space! If none of the plans listed below meet your needs, please contact us for a custom tailored quote. If you have any questions please contact our sales department. Please note that an additional discount applies if you pay on a yearly basis. All prices are subject to change at any time.

 Shared Hosting Plans
Value Basic Featured
Storage: 500 MB 2,000 MB 4,000 MB
Bandwidth: 10 GB 30 GB 80 GB
E-Mail: 5 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP: 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains: 1 Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL: 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Add-on domain credits: None 1 Unlimited
Parked domain credits: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
If paid monthly: $3.00/month $5.00/month $10.00/month
If paid yearly: $30.00/year $55.00/year $110.00/year

 Shared Hosting Plans continued
Extreme Super Extreme
Storage: 8,000 MB 10,000 MB
Bandwidth: 125 GB 200 GB
E-Mail: Unlimited Unlimited
FTP: Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains: Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL: Unlimited Unlimited
Add-on domain credits: Unlimited Unlimited
Parked domain credits: Unlimited Unlimited
If paid monthly: $25.00/month $40.00/month
If paid yearly: $275.00/year not available

 Additional Services
IP Addresses: $3/month & $5 setup
Bandwidth Overages: $0.25/GB
Purchase in blocks of 10GB prior to exceeding your limit.
Add-on domain credit(s): $1/month for one, $3/month for unlimited

Please note: SSH access will only be provided to U.S. residents who demonstrate need for it and who provide identification (typically a state-issued drivers license). We reserve the right to withhold SSH access for any reason. SSH will not be available with our Value plan.

 All plans include:
 - HyTek Advantage
 - 24x7x365 support
 - Local & offsite backups
 - Same day account creation*
 - 99.7% uptime guarantee
 - High-speed servers
 - Top-notch network
 - Redhat Enterprise
 - Linux 2.6.x
 - Apache 1.x
 - cPanel/WHM control panel
 - Fantastico autoinstaller
 - SPAM/virus protection (e-mail)
 - Webmail access (2+ flavors)
 - PHP 5.x
 - MySQL 5.x
 - Perl 5.8.x
 - CGI
 - FTP
 - Web-based statistics
 - eCommerce ready
 - SSL support available

 Also included...
 - Auto responders
 - Mailing lists
 - Forwarders
 - Mail blockers
 - Custom error pages
 - Web-based file manager
 - Server side includes
 - Password protect directories
 - MX/DNS record changes
 - Imagemagick/GD/NetPBM
 - Macromedia flash/shockwave
 - MIME type editing
 - Private CGIBin
 - phpMyAdmin
 - Apache handlers
 - Secure e-Mail
 - Zend Optimizer
 - Cron jobs
 - Webalizer & Awstats
 - Ruby on Rails (RoR)
 - Ruby/Rails

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